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WELCOME TO External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds and Louvres - Aluminium Motorised
Retractable & Non-Retractable

External Venetian Blinds aluminium louvres allow natural light to penetrate through
the glazing while removing the solar heat and solar glare and are, in this regard,
unique to all other shade building products

External Venetian Blinds are motorised  operable retractable aluminium louvres and
have been globally tested and universally found to be the best method of reflecting
solar heat, while at the same time, allowing natural light, through the windows

F – Profile

100F Basic Aluminium External Venetian Blinds & Louvres – 100mm wide

c – Profile

80C Basic and Superior Aluminium External Venetian Blinds & Louvres – 80mm wide

s – Profile

120S Ultimate Aluminium External Venetian Blinds – 120mm wide

External Venetian Blinds & Louvres

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Ultimate 120 S Profile Non-Retractable Louvres & Blinds
Basic C Profile Non-Retractable Louvres & Blinds
Ultimate 120 S Profile Retractable Louvres & Blinds
Superior C Profile Retractable Louvres & Blinds
Basic C Profile Retractable Louvres & Blinds
Basic 100F Flat Profile Retractable Louvres & Blinds